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Let Your Team Track Any Event

Its easy for your team members to track all the important events. When did you start tests? When did you start tracking something? By enabeling your team to provide this information your documentation is always up-to-date.

Search Your History, Find Anything

So you ran a bunch of in the past. When looking at your data, you want to remember when you started and ended different trials. With powerful search, you are only a split second away from knowing that what happened and when.

Notify Your Teams Of Changes

Let you team know when a policy changes, a test has started, or a new team member joined. By hooking up Slack notifications, you can automatically ping your team all while tracking information for the future. Two birds with one stone.

Easily Find Log Entries

When looking for specific entries, you can browse them historically, by category, or simply by searching for it.

Screenshot: Log List

View Your History over Time

You can look back over your entire set of logs in an interactive timeline view. This makes checking date ranges for events a breeze and helps new hires ramp up.

Screenshot: Timeline View

Notify Your Team

When changes are being tracked with DeltaLog, you can configure it to notify your team via our category driven slack integrations. Make sure that everyone is on the same page without massive meetings.

Screenshot: Slack Notifications